05/20/2013 01:22 pm ET Updated May 20, 2013

Sarah Silverman's 'Perfect Night': Will.I.Am Guests On Anthem About Staying In (VIDEO)

Sarah Silverman made a song with Black Eyed Peas frontman Sure, why not.

The unlikely pair teamed up for YouTube's Comedy Week to produce this incredible anthem devoted not to Mr.'s favored nighttime activity, partying, but instead to Silverman's: "Stay at home, order in, watch a movie and masturbate."

We follow Sarah as she doesn't go out to the club ("Like I've ever been to a club") but does what the vast majority of us do: Take it easy with some Netflix. Except she has a way better beat and production values.

Check out the video above to see Sarah Silverman's autotuned night of vegging out.

CORRECTION: The original version of this post said that produced this song. In fact, the song was produced Adam Schlesinger and written by Silverman and Schlesinger.



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