05/20/2013 01:40 pm ET Updated May 21, 2013

Tiger Woods Asked About Clearing Air With Sergio Garcia: 'No' (VIDEO)

For those wondering if Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia will ever just let bygones be bygones and end their feud, it doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

Speaking to the media at an AT&T National news conference, Tiger was asked if he has ever considered calling Garcia and clearing the air.

"No," Tiger said casually with a smile on his face as the reporters in the room laughed. Some even clapped.


Woods expanded on his one-word answer after the press conference to USA Today Sports.

"Obviously, the matter has been put behind me. The truth came out," Tiger told USA TODAY Sports about the incident with Garcia at The Players Championship. "As I was saying the entire time, I told people what I had heard and what had happened."

The rivalry between Woods and Garcia was rekindled last weekend at TPC Sawgrass. When the two were paired together in the third round, the 33-year-old Spaniard claimed that he got distracted during a shot on the par-5 second hole by the crowd noise which Woods sparked.

"I wouldn't say he didn't see that I was ready, but you do have a feel when the other guy is going to hit,” Garcia told NBC during a weather delay, via Golfweek. “Right as I was on top of the backswing, he pulled a 5-wood or 3-wood out of the rough and, obviously, everybody started screaming, so that didn't help very much."

Tiger then claimed that the course marshals had cleared him to prepare for his shot. After Woods won the tournament, two of the course marshals later refuted Woods' story to Sports Illustrated. But two other marshals who were assigned to the Tiger-Sergio group later told the Florida Times-Union that "Tiger Woods did not lie."

While it doesn't seem like the incident at TPC Sawgrass—and their ongoing feud—may ever be settled, take a look at some other moments of the Tiger-Sergio rivalry.

Tiger Woods vs. Sergio Garcia