05/20/2013 05:11 am ET

'The Client List': Someone Steals The Client List, And It's An Inside Job (VIDEO)

On "The Client List," Riley got a little worried, so went to check on the client list. She found that it was still buried where she'd put it. Unfortunately, someone followed her into the night and discovered it. So when Riley left, that person followed her to the site and dug it up. The shocking reveal? It was the new girl at The Rub, Nikki.

Later, Nikki came out of The Rub with the list and got into a car with Greg Carlisle, her one-time boss and the man who's trying to buy The Rub out from under Riley. To Nikki's credit, she resisted giving Greg the list -- so far -- and didn't seem to appreciate the way he was treating her. But will it be enough for her to switch loyalties to Riley and her new friends?

Style Bistro doesn't have much faith in her. They're pretty sure she'll hand that list over in on time. TV Fanatic was disappointed at the revelation, as they were starting to lke Nikki. "She obviously doesn't like having the list and hasn't given it to Greg yet," they said. "Nobody would expect her to be the bad guy. It will be interesting to see where her loyalties end up.”

"The Client List" takes a break next weekend for the Memorial Day holiday, but returns on Sunday, June 2 at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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