05/21/2013 08:25 pm ET

Casual Sex After A Split Is 'First Order Of Business' (VIDEO)

Is the best way to get over someone to get under someone else?

Yes, according to HuffPost blogger Michael Solomon, who stopped by HuffPost live on Tuesday to dish on doing the deed post-split.

"I think it's really important for me and for I think many men and many people that the first order of business when you get out of a relationship is, how am I going to have sex again? Who am I going to have sex with?" he told host Abby Huntsman.

He elaborated: "Part of getting divorced is recognizing that you are starting your life over again in a really big way... part of that as an adult is starting your sex life over and your romantic life over."

Watch the video clip above for advice from Solomon and other experts on post-split lovemaking (and click here to view the full segment), then browse through the slideshow below for our readers' take on casual sex.

Is Casual Sex Post-Split A Good Idea?

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