05/21/2013 04:36 pm ET Updated May 24, 2013

Chemistry Fire VIDEO: Fireball On High School Lab's Ceiling Sets Off Sprinkler System

A high school chemistry experiment involved shooting fireballs up at the ceiling near the sprinkler system. Just guess what happened next -- and the chaos was captured in the viral video above.

Scott Roach, a high school teacher in Glasgow, Ky., was demonstrating the properties of natural gas on May 17 when he set off the sprinklers at Glasgow High School, the Glasgow Daily Times reported. Epic fail.

“We’re flooding boys!” Youtube user ihaverealvideos, a student who caught the amusing accident on camera, shouted in the background of the video.

A self-identified senior at Glasgow High School wrote on Reddit: "The classroom and a few others around it flooded and completely ruined a few computers in the facility while causing the ceiling under the lab to slightly collapse and for ankle deep water to fill the school."

Fans were still set up in 14 classrooms the following Monday to clear out moisture, the Glasgow Daily Times reported. But all in all, the school's principal Keith Hale told the newspaper that the students did a "good job" evacuating after the incident.

"It was a good drill for us," he said.



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