05/21/2013 04:57 pm ET

'Dexter' Season 8 Behind The Scenes: 'Anyone Can Die, And Anything Can Happen' (VIDEO)

A new "Dexter" Season 8 behind-the-scenes video goes in depth into some of the developments we saw in the intense full-length "Dexter" trailer Showtime released last week.

The new footage offers glimpses of new scenes from "Dexter's" upcoming final season and one major component of Season 8 will be Deb's struggle to come to terms with La Guerta's murder in last season's finale. "Dexter never meant to back her into choosing her brother over La Guerta," Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan) says in the video above. "I think she's going to be questioning whether she killed the right person probably for the remainder of her days," James Remar (Harry Morgan) adds.

"Deborah is hitting a low point, searching for her bottom," Jennifer Carpenter (Deborah Morgan) says in the video. The trailer showed Deb strung out on drugs, sleeping with a man who appears to be her dealer, getting arrested for a DUI and showing up at the police station, slurring that she "want[s] to make an official statement."

"I don't think Dexter spends a lot of time thinking about La Guerta's murder. He's confused by Deborah's reaction to it and her inability to move past it," Carpenter continues.

The new season starts six months after last season left off, the video reveals. "We find Dexter, on the one hand, telling himself that things are good, but there are a lot of problems, and the subterranean stuff is starting to bubble up," Hall says, as a scene of Dexter yelling at Harrison plays. Later, he chokes a guy sitting in his car in broad daylight.

"Anything goes this season. There's no safe zone. Anyone can die, and anything can happen," Aimee Garcia (Jamie Batista) says, as footage plays of Dexter, with a bloody hand, searching for a missing Harrison.

When it comes to the series' end-game, the cast keeps it vague. "What's gonna happen with Deb and Dexter? Is anyone else in the department going to find out about Dexter's secret? Could it be Quinn? Batista? Maybe all of us, or maybe none of us," C.S. Lee (Vince Masuka) teases.

Michael C. Hall closes the video by waxing philosophical about the ending. "This season is about what Dexter is going to leave behind. I have no idea how fans will react, hopefully they'll be leaning forward, and compelled by the story, but I imagine there will be a spectrum of experience," he teases.

"Dexter" Season 8 premieres Sunday, June 30 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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