05/21/2013 03:49 am ET

'The Goodwin Games' Premiere: Beau Bridges Forces Kids To Play Elaborate Game For Inheritance (VIDEO)

"The Goodwin Games" features Beau Bridges as a father who wasn't much of a father to his kids. When he knew he was dying, he devised a complex game that would hopefully bring them together. More specifically, perhaps, it would award one of them his $23 million fortune.

The new Fox comedy premiere introduced the three siblings who would be reluctantly playing the game. First up was a customized version of Trivial Pursuit. All the questions were about the siblings. They revealed that they'd never been able to finish a game, and that proved the case again. As always, it ended in a huge fight.

After thinking they'd lost everything, the brothers were ready to go home. But daughter Chloe picked up on the morse code their father used in his final video to continue the game. And they agreed to play, and finish, the game. Doing so triggered the next step in the titular "Games."

They were lured into a photo booth, where their father's image appeared and told them how the game would progress. "Before you get a penny of your inheritance, you’re going to transform your selves into the very best Goodwins you can be. And the only way you can ever truly do that is together," he said. "Here’s step one: you’re all moving back home! Smile.”

“FOX ordered this show a year ago, planned to rotate it in with its Tuesday comedies at midseason, then gave up on it when ‘Ben and Kate’ failed out of the gate and the entire night imploded," wrote HitFix of "The Goodwin Games." "Seven episodes were shot, then shelved, and that was it. Scott Foley went on to do an arc on ‘Scandal,’ Beau Bridges did a CBS pilot ('The Millers') that got picked up, etc. Everyone has moved on. It's as pure a case of Summer Burn-Off Theatre as you can find.”

In other words, if you're a fan, don't get your hopes up that you'll ever see this again. The LA Times seems okay with the show's short-lived fate, saying that the show is "stupid yet sweet."

The burn-off of "The Goodwin Games" continues on Mondays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.



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