05/21/2013 11:15 am ET

Harrison Phillips, Student Athlete, Receives 115 Letters From Duke

Is Duke University the creepy guy who is coming on too strong? Or the romantic pursuer who takes the time to show he cares?

Either way, the university certainly knows how to court 'em.

Duke proved that Harrison Phillips is the apple of its eye this past weekend, when it sent the high school junior 115 handwritten letters in an effort to recruit the football star for the Duke Blue Devils.

Phillips tweeted a photo of the letters:

And followed with a close-up:

Very handy Photoshop skills, Duke.

According to Phillips' personal statement on the National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA) website, the Millard West High School student is open to leaving Omaha, Neb., to pursue the next step in his life.

"I want to play college football where my skills can be developed to the fullest and where my talents can be utilized to benefit the success of the football program," the statement reads. "No college is too far."

(H/T, Big Red Report)



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