05/21/2013 04:41 am ET Updated May 21, 2013

'Hawaii Five-0' Finale: Someone's Leaving The Team (VIDEO)

For its big season finale, "Hawaii Five-0" offered a potentially game-changing moment. Kono ran off with Adam to China. It certainly seemed to be set up as a temporary thing, until Steve could clean up things back home, but the question is how long is temporary? And, of course, they could always pull the rug out from under the fans and make it a permanent departure, though "Five-0" without Grace Park just feels incomplete.

Her unexpected goodbye made E! Online's lost of "OMG TV Moments" for Monday, but TV Fanatic doesn't think this is so much a goodbye as it is a see you later.

“I don't imagine that we've seen Grace Park wearing body armor over a tank top for the last time (I mean, I hope not! For all of our sakes!)," they wrote. "But I can imagine a Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 where the show's shape has mutated into one that's 3/4 island crime-fighting and 1/4 Kono being an international (fugitive) woman of mystery. I'm not saying I'm lobbying for it, but I could imagine it.”

They theorized that her entire adventure abroad could take place during the summer hiatus. Do you think Kono will be back in time for the season premiere, or will she be gone longer than that?

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