05/21/2013 05:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

MINI Mexico Ad Targets Women Applying Makeup While Driving (VIDEO)

Putting on makeup and driving a car are two activities that become significantly more dangerous when done simultaneously. But that probably doesn't mean that makeup is to blame every time a woman gets in a fender-bender.

But hey, that's not stopping MINI Mexico from claiming so in a new commercial. The car ad, posted by AdRants, is called "Don't make up and drive," and it points out that "women frequently apply makeup whilst driving." It also helpfully notes that in Mexico, "22 percent of car accidents are caused by women drivers."

So that would mean... women putting on makeup are to blame for 22 percent of car crashes in the country?

We totally understand the overarching message about driving safety. In fact, one of our favorite YouTube makeup "tutorials" is actually a cleverly crafted, highly effective PSA by Volkswagen urging women to put down the lipstick while behind the wheel. But might MINI Mexico be going a bit far in linking on-the-fly makeup application with a quarter of Mexico's car crashes?

Check out the ad and tell us what you think.


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