05/21/2013 11:10 am ET

Local Meteorologists Issue Desperate Plea During Moore Tornado Coverage (VIDEO)

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Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC show put together a timeline of the tornado that wreaked havoc in Moore, Oklahoma on Monday by stringing together gripping news clips featuring local KFOR meteorologists providing live updates on the storm's path.

Weather reporters begged viewers and local residents to get under ground while communicating the severity of the situation. "You never want to say it but we're going to say it right now," KFOR's chief meteorologist Mike Morgan said. "This is May 3rd all over again as far as the intensity of this tornado and where it is heading." He later added, "You gotta be below ground. Interior closet or bathroom is not going to do it. Or get out of its way ... do not be in your car near the tornado, drive away from it if you have no option to save your life."

O'Donnell then interviewed MSNBC's Milissa Rehberger, who previously worked in Oklahoma. She described how local meteorologists saved lives and were treated like local heroes, and that she noticed something different about Monday's coverage.

"Something that happened today absolutely amazed me," she said. "Most people do not have basements or shelters because of the soil in the area. So [Morgan] would normally say, 'Get into the inner-most area of the house. Get into the bathtub and put your mattress over you ... get under ground is the best thing to do.' But he said, and people have reported on this that they were told, 'If you can't get under ground today, get in your car and hightail it as far away from this thing as possible' ... He realized it was desperate. He recognized this storm for what it was and he's done something I've never seen one of them do before."



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