05/21/2013 05:51 am ET

'Motive' Premiere: Procedural Flipped As Killer Is Revealed At The Start Of The Hour (VIDEO)

ABC's latest co-production with Canada premiered with a sneak preview on Monday night. "Motive" takes the procedural format and turns it on its head by revealing the killer at the very beginning of the hour. The episode then followed two narratives: the detectives trying to track the killer, and the killer trying to keep from getting caught.

Former "The Killing" star Kristin Lehman takes the lead on this one as Detective Angela Flynn. She proved the most adept at putting the clues together that caught this week's killer, a wallflower high school student who killed his teacher because he wanted to stay invisible.

“In most detective shows, the fun is trying to uncover and analyze the clues in order to identify the perpetrator, but not here," wrote Buddy TV. "I was pleasantly surprised by how suspenseful the premiere episode ... was to watch ... There is a cat-and-mouse chase feel to the way it plays out.”

The Canadian co-production recently finished out its freshman series run on Canada's CTV, where it completed 13 episodes. ABC has picked it up for a summer run, much like they did for "Rookie Blue," which has become a summer hit for the network. In fact, after this Monday night premiere, the network is pairing both shows together.

"Motive" settles in on Thursday nights with its May 23 episode at 9 p.m. ET, while "Rookie Blue" premieres the same night at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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