05/22/2013 08:57 am ET Updated May 22, 2013

Siri Is Asked About Apple's Tax Avoidance, And She Gets Cagey (VIDEO)

With U.S. Senators questioning Apple CEO Tim Cook about how little the company ends up paying in taxes, we thought we would go straight to the expert to get some answers. Peter S. Goodman, executive business editor at HuffPost, interrogated Siri about her company's business practices, and, unsurprisingly, she got a little agitated.

During the interrogation, Siri continually pointed us to Apple's website. She claimed she "doesn't know what that means" when asked if Tim Cook told the truth to Congress. Oh, please. You know exactly what that means, Siri.

It's not as if Siri doesn't have information about Apple. She knows who its CEO is, and she knows Apple's market capitalization off the top of her head. If Siri isn't going to honest with us, who can we trust?

Video produced by Amber Genuske and Eva Hill.



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