05/22/2013 12:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best Bras To Wear Under All Your Summer Garments (PHOTOS)

The summer season presents endless wardrobe options for you to choose from. Unfortunately, lots of these options pose significant challenges when it comes to picking the right undergarments. Breezy sundresses, low-cut tank tops and open knit sweaters leave many scratching their heads about the appropriate lingerie.

Thankfully, we found the best bras for all your summer wardrobe woes. Whether you're going backless, strapless or braless, we've got you covered.

The problem: Low-cut tank tops.
The solution: U-plunge bras. Instead of trying to hide bows from popping out, go for a bra that dips down deep enough that you won't see it. (Buy here).

the best bras

The problem: Spaghetti straps.
The solution: The perfect strapless bra. No one likes an exposed bra strap, so when you go for spaghetti straps, a strapless bra is ideal -- just make sure you get one that fits so you aren't constantly fidgeting with it. (Buy here).

the best bras

The problem: Low back dresses.
The solution: Nipple covers. The sticky surface makes them easy to adhere (and painless), while they also provide just enough coverage without ruining the silhouette of your ensemble. (Buy here).

the best bras

The problem: Exposed sides.
The solution: A lace bralette. If your bra is going to show, you may as well make it look intentional. Instead of going sans bra, try a pretty bandeau. (Buy here).

the best bras

The problem: Cutouts.
The solution: Double-sided stylist tape. With complicated cutouts, sometimes the best solution is to just tape yourself into the garment. (Just be sure to bring extra in your purse just in case it falls off). (Buy here).

the best bras

The problem: Open front.
The solution: Adhesive bra cups. These polyurethane foam cups will give you shape and coverage, without interfering with your garment. And don't worry about them shifting around as the special adhesive coating holds the cups securely in place. (Buy here).

the best bras

Check out some stars who've let their bras hang out:

Celebs Who Are Proud Of Their Bras

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