05/24/2013 02:29 pm ET

Best World Reads Of The Week: May 18 - May 24


Spending our days on the interwebs has its advantages, one being that we come across lots of excellent pieces of journalism. Every week, we'll bring you our favorite online reads that didn't appear on our site. Disagree with the selection? Leave your suggestions in the comments or tweet #bestreads at @HuffPostWorld.

Afghanistan’s Rape Crisis: Villagers Fear U.S.-Backed Militias
Newsweek/The Daily Beast -- Sami Yousafzai, Ron Moreau
“In our cruel society, if a girl is raped by strong forces there is nothing left for the girl and the family,” Jumadin says, reflecting on the rape of his daughter Monizha. As the U.S. is pinning its hope on Afghanistan's Local Police (ALP) to guarantee security when American forces withdraw, many Afghans see the officers and the militias linked to them as responsible for sexual violence.

Children Of China's Wealthy Learn Expensive Lessons
NPR -- Louisa Lim
A Chinese company has set up a course to teach the children of China's nouveau rich how to deal with their massive wealth.

In Cricket Scandal, Revelations About India
NYTimes -- Manu Joseph
"That cricket can explain India in profound ways is, by now, a tired literary cliché. But, as is the case with clichés, it is a truth beyond dispute."

Austerity's Drug Of Choice
VICE -- Alex Miller
It's not exactly a read, but we don't want you to miss out on this excellent documentary by VICE on a new devastating drug ravaging Greece's homeless community.

Woolwich Attack: Of Course British Foreign Policy Had A Role
The Guardian, Comment Is Free -- Joe Glenton
"While nothing can justify the savage killing in Woolwich yesterday of a man since confirmed to have been a serving British soldier, it should not be hard to explain why the murder happened."