05/22/2013 07:43 am ET

'Extreme Moms' Premiere: Germaphobe Disinfects Kids, Won't Let Them Cook Or Eat At Home (VIDEO)

Lifetime jumped onto the bandwagon of shows featuring people with extreme behaviors. The series premiere of "Extreme Moms" featured Adelina Presta who had let her germaphobia completely dominate her life, as well as negatively impacting her family.

She has a 3-year-old daughter, but she doesn't live with her. Adelina believes children aren't at a "safe" age until they are seven. Until then, her daughter has to live with Adelina's mother -- the same process her three older children went through. But moving in with her doesn't mean they're "clean" enough.

She wakes her children every morning by spraying them with disinfectant. "I just feel that if I actually get that disinfectant spray on their body, it just kind of, like, throws off all the germs," Adelina explained.

She won't let anyone cook or eat in the house, either, because of the germs. This creates tension because her husband is a chef. When he made breakfast at home for the kids once, she ordered him to buy her a new table because hers was now "ruined" after everyone ate on it.

The irony of this is that the family owns a restaurant, which Adelina spends hours cleaning. Even more unexpected is the fact that Adelina is a smoker. At least by the end of the episode she had come to a realization that her germaphobia was taking over her life. She'd had it dating back to childhood, when her brother was sick and in the hospital.

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