05/22/2013 08:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fox News Erupts Over James Rosen Scandal, Says His Parents' Records Were Seized (VIDEO)

Fox News signaled on Tuesday that it is going to make the most of the opportunity it has to attack the White House on a matter of basic journalistic principle.

The network found itself with supporters on all sides of the political spectrum after the extent of the Justice Department's surveillance of one of its reporters, James Rosen, was revealed on Monday and Tuesday.

Perhaps knowing that the reporting community was, for once, on its side, Fox News went all in on the story. On show after show, anchors and pundits relentlessly criticized the DOJ and the White House.

"It's our favorite here at Fox News," Greta Van Susteren said.

In the most buzzworthy moment, "Special Report" anchor Bret Baier said that the phone records for Rosen's parents had also been seized.

"We have the documents now, and the seized toll records that relate to James' parents' home in Staten Island," he said.

All in all, the White House had no friends on Fox News Wednesday.

"This is Big Brother," Sean Hannity said.

"This is so appalling to me," Van Susteren said.

"A huge assault on the First Amendment," was how Charles Krauthammer put it.

Even Ann Coulter, who has previously stuck up for journalists by calling for their offices to be blown up, got in on the act.

"I don't see anything in the Rosen case that has to do with national security," she told Hannity.



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