05/22/2013 07:25 am ET Updated May 22, 2013

'Grimm' Finale: The Zombie Outbreak Is All A Distraction To Capture Nick (VIDEO)

It's a good thing "Grimm" is coming back for a third season, where it will return to its Friday home. On the Season 2 finale, Nick faced off against Baron Samedi and it didn't go well. The Baron is a Wesen who spit goop into the faces of his victims. They then became zombie-like maniacs, though they weren't dead. And while there is a cure, it's not easily administered.

In this case, after Nick got turned, it's going to prove even more difficult. Nick was locked into a coffin by the captain's brother, Eric, and that can't end well.

TVOvermind had lots of questions after watching the finale. "Are they going to say that they killed the Grimm and look for a reward of some sort?" they wondered. "What type of revolution is Eric trying to start through his association with Baron Samedi?”

Nick’s capture is a complete game changer because it affects everyone, and his potential trip back to Europe is exciting because it opens up the opportunity to learn more about the Royal Family," wrote TV Fanatic. "It’s an opportunity to learn all about the rich, but completely elusive, backstory Grimm has been building over the course of the series.”

Could the "Grimm" universe open up in Season 3? Can Nick's friends save him and cure him before it's too late? It's going to be a long summer for the show's fans.

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