05/22/2013 02:09 pm ET Updated May 22, 2013

Sex Friend: Should You Have Sex With A Friend Post-Split? (VIDEO)

One of the scariest parts of moving on after a split is dating again, and the intimidating (but exciting!) prospect of having sex with someone new.

But you shouldn't just jump into bed with anyone following a divorce or tough breakup. According to divorce life coach Cindy Holbrook, the best person to bed post-split is a good friend.

"I always recommend...to try to find a good friend that you can have a casual love affair with that you know is not going to go any place else," she said on HuffPost Live Tuesday.

HuffPost Blogger Michael Solomon added a caveat to that advice.

"It's very helpful, when you have sex with a friend and have really good sex," he said. "That's my advice: try to have really good sex if you're having sex with a friend."

Easier said than done!

Watch the video above for more tips on having sex post-split (and watch the full segment here), then browse through the slideshow below for our readers' take on casual sex.

Is Casual Sex Post-Split A Good Idea?

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