05/23/2013 05:48 am ET Updated May 23, 2013

'Chicago Fire' Finale: Renee Returns With A Big Surprise For Severide (VIDEO)

There was baby news all over the place on the "Chicago Fire" season finale. Shay found out she wasn't pregnant, while Christopher's wife gave birth. Shay and Severide were prepared to settle for being godparents to Hermann's new baby when Renee returned.

"I didn’t know that you’d be in town," Severide said to her.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you ... in person," she said before the camera panned down to reveal she was pregnant. So it looks like Severide is going to be a dad. As Sarah Shahi, who plays Renee, has been upped to a series regular on "Person of Interest" next season, she probably can't stick around on a regular basis here, can she?

TVLine thought the reveal was "intense," but The AV Club thought it was a little random -- like most of the season. “The one thing the show hasn’t mastered yet is subtlety in the characters’ personal affairs," they wrote. "Over the span of just this one season characters have been involved with street gangs, killed people, been through the cycles of a drug habit, had a fiancé murdered, been targeted by a dirty cop, and on, and on, and on.”

Another development saw Mills fail to make the rescue squad. He was then seen picking up an application for the police department. Could he be heading to the upcoming spin-off series, "Chicago PD"?

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