05/23/2013 05:52 am ET Updated May 23, 2013

'Criminal Minds' Finale: The Replicator Revealed, Kills One Of Their Own (VIDEO)

The Replicator was revealed on the "Criminal Minds" season finale. He'd been copying crimes already solved by the BAU, meaning he had to be someone with inside connections. And he was. It turned out to be John Curtis, played by guest star Mark Hamill, a former agent with a grudge against Strauss after he was rightfully demoted.

Curtis managed to get his "revenge" on Strauss by forcing her to OD and ultimately killing her. The team tracked him down, and while things got worrisome for a while there, Curtis only killed himself in the end via a massive explosion.

The episode ended with the team coming together to celebrate Strauss after her funeral. "We celebrate a life well-lived, well-loved. To a good woman, an even better mother. To our friend, who I will miss very much," said David.

It was an ending that mirrored last season's finale, as noted by TVLine. Then, the team gathered to celebrate JJ at her wedding. This time, though, the circumstances were much more somber.

Buddy TV, though, was not pleased with this turn of events. “While Strauss' death opens up the possibility of the team getting a new boss next season, I think killing her was a mistake," they wrote. "She was not popular with many fans, but Strauss provided some much-needed tension whenever she appeared.”

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