05/23/2013 05:32 am ET

'How To Live With Your Parents' Finale: Polly Tries Moving Out, But It Doesn't Take (VIDEO)

If "How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)" felt a little stilted in places, it's because the show cut a few episodes to fit its 13-episode season into its 8-episode run while still getting viewers to that first season finale. And that finale ultimately put the show right back where it started.

After fighting with her stepfather, Polly determined to move out and get her life back on track. Her ex-husband gave up his place -- reluctantly moving in with his girlfriend -- and things were progressing, but it wasn't smooth sailing. Ultimately, it became clear that both of her parents wanted her back home, her daughter wanted her back with her parents and really, that's where Polly wanted to be as well. Everyone just had to get past their pride.

In the end, they did.

“I’m sure I’ll get my own place one day," Polly said in voice-over as she peeked in on her parents. "But until then, there are worse things in life than living with the people who care about you the most.”

So things came together nicely, despite that shortened run. Despite steady ratings, ABC pulled the plug on the show as well. Star Sarah Chalke encouraged her followers to "be a rebel" and check out the finale of her canceled show.

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