05/23/2013 03:13 pm ET

Kanye West Documentary Gives Unofficial Look At 'Yeezus' Rapper's Rise To Fame

Further proof Kanye West fans are some of the most devoted in the world. One member has taken it upon himself to compile a plethora of Kanye's best moments into one unofficial, yet fairly comprehensive, documentary.

The 45-minute film, a tall order for a homemade effort, combines behind-the-scenes footage, rare interview clips and a soundtrack of West's music to craft the story of the controversial rapper's rise from his "College Dropout" days to the seat atop his and Jay-Z's "Throne." Titled "Where the Lonely Kids Go When the Bell Rings," it's an impressive undertaking, despite containing some grainy footage throughout.

If one thing is made clear in the documentary, other than the magnificently swift ascension West's fame saw in its early days, it's that the ego for which he is known is not a result of his worldwide acclaim. Within the first few minutes of the video, a younger West is seen remarking that all rappers have their favorites, and he is his own favorite.

"I was just thinking about my funeral and stuff a couple day ago and thinking who would be at the funeral," he says during a voice-over. People who want to be at the funeral: I want to have, like, world leaders that were, like, affected, that said, 'Kanye gave me my shot here' or 'He pushed me' or 'He told me to believe in myself' or 'When I saw this, it made me feel like that.' I want to affect people like that when I pass away. ... I'm on the pursuit of awesomeness. Excellence is the bare minimum."

Watch the Kanye West documentary above.



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