05/23/2013 12:00 pm ET

Lost Dog In Moore, Oklahoma Reunited With 'Grandfather'

MOORE, Okla. -- Mostly, they left disappointed.

Throughout the day Wednesday, victims of the deadly tornado that ravaged this working-class community near Oklahoma City filed in and out of the Animal Resource Center, a lost-and-found of sorts for dogs and cats that disappeared in the storm.

Whiskers, a black-and-white tuxedo-patterned cat, wasn't there. Neither was Rocket, a skittish miniature Doberman Pinscher. Tinkerbell, a little lost dog, also wasn't among the 40 or so pets at the facility.

But in the late afternoon, Jim and Glenda Stout came by on behalf of their daughter, whose home was reduced to rubble in the storm. Their daughter's family escaped unharmed, but in the chaos they lost track of Daisy, their little dog.

As employees of the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder who were helping out at the center looked on, volunteers led Daisy from the temporary kennel to the Stouts, for a very slobbery reunion. Daisy leaped and whined as Jim Stout, fighting back tears, rubbed the little dog's belly and scratched behind her ears.

"Good girl," he said. "I'm glad to see you."

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