05/23/2013 12:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mia Grace, 4-Year-Old, Knows All About Marvel Superheroes (VIDEO)

Some kids use car rides to admonish their parents or rock out to their favorite songs. But 4-year-old superhero fan Mia Grace spent a recent family ride demonstrating her thorough comprehension of the Marvel universe -- with only a little help from her quizmaster dad, Skip Montross.

Montross, who posted a video of Mia answering question after question about superheroes on YouTube, writes on his website, Daddy Dad Blog: "[Mia Grace] is a little me. By that I mean she has what would appear to be an encyclopedic knowledge of things she loves."

He explained further on Reddit: "In 2004 I was on The IFC gameshow 'The Ultimate Film Fanatic.' I won the Northeast region and came in 3rd in the Finale. My best friend calls me the 'Human IMDB'. It must run in the family."

And Mia Grace's interests extend beyond Marvel; dad also posted a picture of his little girl dressed as Batman last Halloween:

Mom -- who marvels (pun intended) aloud at her daughter's "ridiculous" expertise in the course of the YouTube clip -- calls an end to the the trivia game after four fantastic minutes. However, as at least one Reddit user notes, Mia Grace's little brother, Jack, is not impressed. Brotherly love, huh?



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