05/23/2013 12:21 pm ET

Obama Yearbook Note: 17-Year-Old Barack Calls Classmate, Kelli Allman, 'Sweet And Foxy'

Last spring, Michelle Obama shared her prom photo with the world -- and it was amazing. So it's only fair that this prom season, TIME got a hold of Barack's prom pictures from 1979 in Hawaii and published them this morning. (Spoiler alert: They're awesome.)

What they also found when interviewing Obama's high school friend Kelli Allman was a note that the future president had written to his classmate in her yearbook at the end of their senior year. (Click over to TIME to see a photo of the note.) The note reads:


It has been so nice getting to know you this year. You are extremely sweet and foxy, I don't know why Greg [Kelli's prom date] would want to spend any time with me at all! You really deserve better than clowns like us; you even laugh at my jokes! I hope we can keep in touch this summer, even though Greg will be gone. Call me up, and I'll buy you lunch sometimes. XXX-XXXX. Anyway, good luck in everything you do, and stay happy.

Your friend,
Barry Obama

Presidents: They write awkward and adorable yearbook notes, just like us.



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