05/23/2013 08:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Queen Maxima's Hat Is An Optical Illusion (PHOTOS)

Queen Maxima's extensive hat collection could rival that of the most serious millinery aficionado -- the woman is truly fearless when it comes to topping off her outfits. So when we saw her latest piece of headgear, we had to do a double-take: Is that a hat or her hair?

Upon first glance, the flaxen-colored hat looked like an extension of Maxima's blonde locks, like some sort of beehive hairdo (which isn't such a strange idea, since the ladies of Cannes have been trying out that style). But it was just an optical illusion, and the piece struck us as more of an updated, funky version of the pillbox hat.

The Dutch royal is pretty new at dressing for her queen status, since she just ascended the throne as queen consort last month. This latest visit to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Sophia Childrens Hospital is just proof that Maxima will continue to take fashion risks and unexpected sartorial turns in her new role.

What do you think of Maxima's gold hat? Do you think she's a style icon in the making?


queen maxima hat

queen maxima hat

queen maxima hat

Queen's got style:

Queen Maxima's Most Memorable Looks

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