05/23/2013 01:02 pm ET

Remarriage: Couple Has Six Marriages Between Them (VIDEO)

These two certainly aren't afraid of commitment!

Greta Cohn and Tom Blake had each been married and divorced three times before meeting and deciding to spend their lives together. They opened up about their love story on HuffPost Live on Wednesday.

Calling Tom "the love of my life," Greta revealed that she was initially scared to tell him about her marital history.

"I was actually embarrassed to tell them that I had been married three times but it turned out that he had been married three times also so we had so much in common," she said.

For those who are wary of dating a multiple divorcé, Tom had some encouraging words: "Give us all credit who have been there; we are not afraid to try again and we've learned a lot from our earlier marriages," he said. "We have maybe a little bit of an adventure spirit, and I'm not talking about we go out there and do it becaue it's wild and fun. We're going out there to find somebody that's good for us."

Watch the video above for more on their story (and check out the full segment here), then click through the slideshow below for eight celebrities who have divorced five times or more.

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