05/23/2013 05:18 am ET Updated May 23, 2013

'The Middle' Finale: Everyone's Growing Up, And Frankie's Not Ready (VIDEO)

The kids are growing up on "The Middle," and Frankie was having a hard time with it on the season finale. She and Axl were fighting more than usual as she prepared to have her first child leave the nest and head off to college.

Sue was growing up as well, having finally -- after five failed attempts -- passed her driver's exam. Sure, she was the last of her friends to do so, but she was probably the most excited about it, too. And in classic Sue fashion, her test was anything but normal. She passed because she navigated a few blocks of pure insanity like a pro.

In lieu of a graduation party, Frankie and Mike pooled their resources and bought Axl that car he'd been wanting for years. It wasn't a great car, but it was great to Axl. Of course, he wanted to leave right away to go hang out with his friends. Almost before Frankie could turn around, Sue wanted to leave as well to show off her new driver's license.

That left Brick, achieving his own milestone as he finished up grade school and was headed into junior high.

"Never leave me!” Frankie told him, holding him in a tight hug.

The AV Club thought it was a rewarding ending to what they called "a pretty great season." They wrote, "It’ll be interesting to see where things stand in the fall, with Axl heading off to college, Sue hitting the road, and Brick battling his way through middle school.”

Fans of the Hecks will enjoy a double-dose of "The Middle" in the fall. It's back for Season 5 on ABC and the first four seasons head to syndication on ABC Family.

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