05/24/2013 11:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dunbar Student Pushed Down Stairs: School Security Accused Of Shoving Teen (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

After a shocking video of a teen girl being pushed down the stairs at a Chicago high school surfaced online, district officials suspended the student's alleged attacker.

In the video clip, a blue-shirted male security guard is seen apparently pushing the girl down a flight of stairs at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy and then walking up to kick her before a school staffer rushes to the girl lying limp on the ground.

Shortly after, the teen is seen lunging toward the guard, who then punches her to the ground. The video was first posted to and appears to have been taken with a cell phone.

The incident happened during school on Tuesday at Dunbar — the alma mater of Oscar-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson — and the student was taken to the ER for treatment, according to the Sun-Times.

The teen's family wasted no time hiring a team of lawyers, and one of whom issued a Thursday statement that read in part:

“We are shocked by the unjustifiable assault committed by the CPS employee. The video and the egregious actions of the CPS employee speak for themselves."

The victim's lawyers said they're looking into whether the security guard has any history of such attacks, while parents who spoke to Fox Chicago say they're confident this is not the first time he's shown such behavior.

"I wanted to come up here [to the school] and that wasn't even my daughter," the Dunbar mother told Fox. "I've had words with that security guard before."

According to CBS, Chicago Public Schools officials have not yet identified the employee, or said whether he works for the district or for a private security firm.

"The safety of our students is our top priority,” CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll said in a statement, according to the Tribune. “CPS takes matters of employee misconduct very seriously, especially when it involves the safety of our students. Once CPS was made aware of this incident, immediate action was taken to suspend this individual and an investigation is ongoing."

WARNING: The video below contains disturbing images



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