05/24/2013 06:08 am ET Updated May 24, 2013

Elisabeth Moss On The Future She Envisions For Her 'Mad Men' Character, Peggy (VIDEO)

Elisabeth Moss dropped by "Watch What Happens: Live" and revealed some hopes and dreams she has for her "Mad Men" character Peggy Olson. Of course, she has as much control over that as the viewing audience, but it's fun for a performer to speculate what the future holds for their character.

"I kind of think she is going to be alone and have a couple of cats, and be a very successful woman, but I’m not sure if she’s necessarily gonna be happy in love," Moss said. She also didn't think fans were ever going to see Peggy's child on the show. "The soap opera, you know, version of me wants to see, like, a 5-year-old walk in at some point, with a receding hairline," she said.

She did admit recently to "Live! with Kelly and Michael" that she was worried about her future on the show when Peggy left Sterling Cooper at the end of last season. She thought she was being written out of the show. Instead, she's as important as ever as the show looks toward its seventh and probably final season.

She thinks it's at least in part because Peggy never slept with Don. That said, in the game of "Mad Men" "Shag, Marry, Kill" for Peggy, Moss chose for Peggy to shag Don, marry Harry and kill Pete. Who would you have chosen for her?

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