05/24/2013 08:32 am ET

'Hell's Kitchen': Someone Steps Up To Be Team Leader And Gets Cut Down Fast (VIDEO)

Nedra volunteered to shift over to the men's team from the women's team on this week's "Hell's Kitchen." She was ready to become their leader and push them to victory. It was a huge mistake.

There was simply no helping them men this week, who may have actually gotten slower and worse with Nedra's help. Ultimately, they all got kicked out of the kitchen. While it may be small consolation, Nedra can at least know that the women got kicked out as well.

“I deeply apologize, but this has been the worst service. Shut it down," Gordon Ramsay declared. "That was embarrassing. The worst service we’ve ever had.”

Aren't we a little deep into the season for such disastrous dinner services to still be happening so frequently? In the end, Nedra's gambit didn't pay off and the fan-favorite got the boot. Buddy TV was sad to see her go, saying that she always tried her best.

Fans can look forward to seeing her again someday, though. CMT picked up syndication rights to the show. so Nedra will live on in reality show reruns.

The drama continues on "Hell's Kitchen," Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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