05/24/2013 10:05 am ET Updated May 24, 2013

Mariah Carey On 'GMA': 'Oh Sh-t' And A Wardrobe Malfunction

Mariah Carey's "GMA" performance was all that and much more, as the singer's appearance was derailed by a wardrobe malfunction and the 43-year-old chanteuse cursing on live TV.

The back of Carey's dress -- which was created by Donatella Versace -- split open as she was talking to host Lara Spencer. The two then did their best to manage the precarious situation, as Carey's bust began to spill out of her outfit. "Oh shoot, now the back of my dress just popped," she said. "I love you Donatella, but it popped."

Spencer described the debacle as "a TV moment" and cut to commercial. When the broadcast returned, Carey was wearing a pink number. As she welcomed fellow singer Miguel to the stage, she let out an "oh sh-t" on live TV and followed it up with a "you didn't hear that!"

Eventually, the pair performed "#Beautiful," Carey's big comeback single. Take a look at her wardrobe malfunction above and her expletive moment below.

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