05/24/2013 03:42 pm ET Updated May 25, 2013

'Park Slope Family Circus' Hilariously Documents Brooklyn Affluence With Cartoons (IMAGES)

Outside of New York City, it can be a bit challenging to portray a typical privileged family living in Park Slope.

Progressive yet somehow pretentious. Stylish but inexplicably irritating?

But no longer will you need to stumble in your descriptions! Just point to "Park Slope Family Circus," a blog from Erin Bradley that perfectly encapsulates the neighborhood's abundance of young, well-to-do families with quotes that could very well be overheard in Park Slope.

HuffPost talked to creator Bradley about the brilliant cartoons:

HP: What's the inspiration for "Park Slope Family Circus?"
My friends and I were having beers at The Gate and talking about "Park Slope's version of" this and that. I was initially thinking about something like Park Slope Cathy but my husband mentioned Family Circus and I thought it was funnier. You can only do so many cat jokes. Actually, I don't even think Cathy has a cat. I'm pretty sure it's a dog.

HP: Are any of these direct quotes?
No direct quotes, though there are references to my personal life. My friend is taking a storytelling intensive, for instance. She totally called me out on it this morning, but not in an angry way or anything.

HP: Do you have any friends with children? If so, what did they think of your cartoons?
I have lots of friends with kids. So far they like them and one has even offered to contribute. He works for Comedy Central, so no big surprise there.

'Park Slope Family Circus' By Erin Bradley