05/24/2013 04:49 pm ET

Roy Hibbert Accuses Shane Battier Of Intentionally Kneeing Him In The Groin (VIDEO)

Roy Hibbert tweeted himself into a controversy not involving Pacers coach Frank Vogel after his team's loss to the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals.

The Pacers' 7'2" center, who was controversially on the bench when LeBron James drove for a buzzer-beating layup, vented his frustration via Twitter on Thursday regarding an offensive foul committed by Shane Battier.

In the first quarter of Game 1, Hibbert attempted to block Battier's path to the rim. Battier then stuck out his knee and connected with Hibbert's groin. A foul was called on the Heat veteran while Hibbert fell to the ground in pain.

On Friday, Hibbert told Jorge Milian of the Palm Beach Post that he has "no problem putting my nuts in the line of fire."

Battier didn't speak to the media on Friday. When Heat coach Erick Spoelstra was asked about Hibbert's tweet, he told ESPN's Brian Windhorst that "The game will be decided between the four lines tonight. Everything else is just talk."

Whether or not Battier meant to hit Hibbert in the midsection, it wasn't the only low blow delivered by a Heat player in the game.



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