05/24/2013 12:43 pm ET

Taylor Earlywine, High School Senior, Surprised At Graduation By Her Marine Brother (VIDEO)

Taylor Earlywine didn't expect her older brother, Evan, to be in attendance at her high school graduation, since he's a Lance Corporal who's been deployed for over a year. So when the Marine brother surprised Taylor by presenting her with a diploma at her graduation ceremony, let's just say her reaction was priceless -- and incredibly heartwarming.

Watch their sweet reunion in the the video above.

According to Fox 10 News, 20-year-old Evan had only let his parents in on his secret -- that he would be returning early to see Taylor graduate.

"I was so surprised and shocked. I had no idea. As soon as I saw him, I was like oh my God," Taylor told Fox 10 News.

Just last week, another high school senior had a major surprise waiting for him at his graduation. Staff Sgt. Steven Anderson, who had been serving in Afghanistan for 10 months, unexpectedly showed up at his son Garrett's graduation ceremony.

"I love you buddy," Staff Sgt. Anderson told his son after the two were reunited in a big hug.

In October, another video clip went viral of a Marine Corps member surprising his younger brother at a college basketball practice after being stationed in Afghanistan. The younger brother, who was a sophomore on the University of Illinois basketball team, was brought to tears at the sight of his older brother. The adorable reaction was caught on camera.



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