05/24/2013 02:20 pm ET Updated May 24, 2013

Tobias Funke's Shorts On 'Arrested Development' Hold A Special Place In Our Hearts (VIDEO)

Tobias Fünke from "Arrested Development" is quite possibly our favorite "never-nude," partly because he's the only one we can think of and partly because he can rock a pair of cutoffs like nobody's business.

The actor who played Tobias, David Cross, was a particularly good sport, too -- those shorts were miiiighty small. But the ubiquitous denim shorts seemed to punctuate the first three seasons of the television series perfectly, whether they were in full sight or just peeking through an otherwise normal ensemble. (Yes, Cross was really wearing the cutoffs under all of his costumes.)

In honor of the return of "Arrested Development" this Sunday (May 26), we've created a mashup of Tobias' best denim shorts moments in the video above. Take a look and soak in all of the denim gloriousness.

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