05/27/2013 02:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

High School Reserves Graduation Seat For Student Who Lost Battle To Cancer (PHOTO)

An image of a high school honoring a student who lost his battle to cancer has gone viral.

Taken before the school's graduation ceremony, it shows a chair reserved for the student.

"A friend of mine lost his life to cancer back in [the] 8th grade," wrote Redditor Eldarz in a caption that accompanied the photo. "This is the year he would be graduating. They reserved a seat for him"

Redditor Ashtwain, who claims to have been present at the ceremony, says the deceased boy's father was at the basketball stadium where the graduation took place.

"I was there tonight," Ashtwain wrote, adding that the high school is located in a "fairly small town." "After the ceremony, seeing his father take pictures with [the student's seat] was heartbreaking. While taking pictures, two of the sons' best friends came over to take a picture as well, as soon as the father saw them he hugged them and they all broke down crying."

In response to the moving photo, some Redditors shared their own experiences of losing friends and classmates.

"In 10th grade, a girl in my class was killed in a drunk driving accident on her way to school. We had a chair reserved for her at graduation, also," wrote Redditor collybeanz. "It's great that they reserved a seat for your friend. Just because they didn't make it to graduation doesn't mean they shouldn't be recognized and remembered at it."



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