05/27/2013 11:40 am ET Updated May 27, 2013

'Married To Jonas' Season Finale Addresses Sex Tape Rumors (VIDEO)

On the “Married To Jonas” season finale, Kevin and Dani’s family dealt with the rumors that a kinky sex tape featuring Joe Jonas had been leaked.

Of course, Joe and his girlfriend have denied the tape’s existence -- but it still made for a funny scare.

“Told him not to keep the laptop open,” Mike said. “I guess what happens in South America doesn’t stay in South America,” Kevin joked.

“Isn’t there like more things than Joe’s ball gag?” Dani wondered after CNN reported the rumor. But Kevin kept the rumor in perspective. “That’s not even true. It’s ridiculous. But you know, that’s what comes with the territory, so what are you gonna do?”

GossipCop liked that the show dealt with the rumor head on -- but it would’ve been nice to hear from Joe. And Hollywood Life was sad to see the show go after a short second season -- but it was fun to watch Dani come out of her shell a little more, and see the family laugh off the rumors that come with celebrity.

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