05/27/2013 11:20 am ET

Oprah's Soldier Stories: A Memorial Day Tribute To Service Members And Their Families (VIDEO)

Ever since her early days as a young reporter during the Vietnam War, Oprah has heard staggering statistics about wounded service members and the sacrifices they've made for their country. Like many who hear these types of military reports, Oprah says she has always remembered that each number is so much more than a statistic.

"I remember when I started out as a reporter on the news when I was 19 years old," she says. "I remember reading the figures thinking of each number belonging to somebody's family. That's somebody's brother, that's somebody's son."

In honor of Memorial Day, look back at some of the heroes and families who Oprah and her audiences have had the privilege of meeting and hearing about, from the mother who visits her son's grave in Arlington National Cemetery to the severely injured soldier who has been relearning how to speak. Plus, watch what happens when a wounded Marine Corps corporal surprises the military nurse whose incredible fundraising efforts helped him and his family after he lost both his legs in Iraq in 2006.



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