05/28/2013 03:59 pm ET

Abel Simmons, California Man, Used UFC Chokehold To Fight Carjacking Suspect

This criminal really choked.

A man from Stockton, Calif., claims he fought off a carjacker by using several Ultimate Fighting Championship moves, including a series of chokeholds.

Abel Simmons, 29, and his family say they'd just returned home from watching a UFC fight Saturday night when a man began pounding on their SUV's windows, News 10 reported. Simmons' wife was driving, and his two sons -- a 2-year-old and an infant -- were in the backseat.

Simmons told authorities he jumped out of the car's passenger side, while his wife called 911. The attacker allegedly punched Simmons in the face, prompting the 29-year-old to perform the martial arts moves.

"I got him into a rear naked choke, and he started rolling and squirming," he told News 10. "I had him in a guillotine choke and he was not getting out of that."

According to a Stockton Police Department activity report, Simmons restrained the suspect, Shron Jones, until police arrived.

Jones, 32, was arrested and charged with attempted carjacking, battery, and resisting arrest.



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