05/28/2013 08:15 am ET

Bill Simmons On What Is Next For Dwight Howard - Grantland


I can't remember a "marquee superstar" free agent quite like him. In the final installment of my Trade Value Trilogy two weeks ago, I compared the experience of watching Howard play basketball after 2011's NBA lockout to watching Mike Tyson after his prison release in 1995. They looked like the same guy, even if the results weren't backing it up. In Tyson's case, we waited eight solid years for the invincible Iron Mike to return to prominence, finally giving up after Lennox Lewis coldcocked him into Bolivian. Will the rest of Dwight Howard's decade unfold like that? Were these last two Magic/Lakers seasons like Tyson's two uneven slugfests against Razor Ruddock, both of which preceded his Evander Holyfield defeats and established that he wasn't the same anymore … only we didn't want to admit it?

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