05/28/2013 08:27 am ET

Eurasian Lynx Cub Born At Nashville Zoo (PHOTOS)

The Nashville Zoo announced the birth of a female Eurasian lynx cub this week, joining three other lynx at the zoo. The cub was born on May 4.

“The cub arrived on its estimated due date based on the data the keepers collected, and she’s now being hand-raised by our animal care staff," the zoo's mammal curator, Connie Philipp, said in a statement. "She will eventually join an educational outreach program at another zoo.”

All photos courtesy of Amiee Stubbs Photography. (Story continues after photos)

Eurasian Lynx Cub At Nashville Zoo

Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) are classified as "least concern" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Although the illegal skin trade remains the leading threat to the species, their population trend is considered stable.

The lynx population is estimated to be around 8,000 in Europe, but significantly higher in Russia and Central Asia.

The Nashville Zoo also welcomed the birth of three clouded leopards in May.

(H/t ZooBorns)