05/28/2013 10:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fawn Lying By Veteran's Grave On Memorial Day Is Incredibly Touching (PHOTO)

As many across the country gathered in cemeteries to honor fallen veterans on Memorial Day, one man in Missouri was joined by an unusual mourner.

Rob Schmitt captured a touching photo of a fawn lying on a veteran's grave at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery near St. Louis, according to local Fox affiliate KTVI.

A Reddit user, who posted photos of the fawn on the social social news site, was at the military cemetery to visit an aunt's grave during the Memorial Day service when he or she noticed the animal "a few graves over."

"I was worried at first, so I stayed with it until we could find a worker," user Vrgom20 explained on Reddit, adding: "He is a newborn and is now safe."

Apparently the striking site is not out of the ordinary, as a cemetery worker later assured the user that it's a fairly normal occurrence at this time of year.


(Via MSN Now)