05/28/2013 02:01 pm ET Updated May 28, 2013

Mike Rivamonte, Miami Artist, Fundraising To Build Giant Wooden Robot (VIDEO)

Florida has mermaid springs, snorkeling with Jesus, and other wacky roadside attractions but one Miami sculpturer wants to add another: a giant wooden robot.

Artist Mike Rivamonte, known for quirky robots made from whimsical finds like vintage radios and old microphones, was inspired by childhood memories of trips to Florida.

"When I was a kid, summer vacation always meant a family trip to Florida," Rivamonte says in his Kickstarter video, recalling stops to "roadside wonders" like Bok Tower and alligator farms.

He wants to put something just as alluring in Miami, where he envisions placing the tallest wooden robot in Florida.

So far, he's built one leg of Rex. the nine-foot tall and five-foot wide blue robot, at his studio at Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood.

To finance the rest of the massive creature, he's looking for funding on the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter, where he's already raised an impressive $4,000.

Click below to see more of Rivamonte's work:



The Robots Of Mike Rivamonte