05/28/2013 04:00 pm ET

Longmont Mother And 12-Year-Old Child Escape Gunman, Police Release Sketch Of Attempted Kidnapping Suspect

Longmont Police say a gunman is still at large after a mother and her child reported that the suspect tried to kidnap them.

The abduction attempt was reported in the 300 block of 15th Avenue on Sunday evening when authorities say they began receiving reports about a man chasing the woman and her child at gunpoint.

"[He] pointed the gun at her forehead with the left hand, and with the right hand [he] started pulling on the little girl's shirt," Monica Rodriguez, pastor of Vida Abundante church translated for the Spanish-speaking mother on 7News. "And all he said was, 'I want your girl.'"

The mother and her 12-year-old daughter were able to run into the sanctuary of a nearby church to escape when a gray-colored pickup truck slowed at an intersection nearby, making the gunman pause.

"In my police experience this is very uncommon," Longmont Police Sgt. Eric Lewis told 9News. "I'm not aware of anything similar to this in this community."

The incident took place the same weekend as the disappearance of Longmont 3-year-old Luke Turner, who was found safe on Sunday. The boy had allegedly been abducted by his father and taken to Canada, prompting the release of an Amber Alert.

The suspected gunman in the attempted kidnapping case is described as a white male, in his 20s, about 5-10, medium build, with a short goatee on his chin only. He was wearing a red hat, black shirt and khaki shorts. Anyone with information is asked to call Longmont Police at 303-651-8555.



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