05/28/2013 05:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Students Fly Balloons In Honor Of Their Hero, Zach Sobiech, 'Clouds' Singer (VIDEO)

A group of students in South Dakota flew balloons "up, up, up" as a tribute to their role model, singer-songwriter Zach Sobiech, who passed away last week after a long battle with cancer.

Although his inspiring viral song, "Clouds," was originally written and performed by the teen in 2012 as intimate goodbye to his family and friends, his YouTube video ended up touching the hearts of millions of people around the world -- including the young students at Patrick Henry Middle School.

According to Keoland.com, they decided to honor Sobiech and his family by releasing balloons into the sky.

Hear the students talk about their touching gesture in the video above, and click here to read more about Sobiech's incredible story.

"[We're] mak[ing] sure that he's remembered and that he's still making a difference, even though he's not here," eighth grade student Owen Alvine told Keoland.com.

Another heartwarming tribute to Sobiech came from author Amy Krouse Rosenthal last week. She took clips from Pixar's "Up" and set them to Sobiech's "Clouds" in an incredibly moving and pitch-perfect video. Watch below.

Click through the slideshow to watch more of Zach's amazing videos.



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