05/29/2013 11:37 am ET

Gary Baseman And Die Antwoord In MOCAtv's 'The Buckingham Warrior' (VIDEO)

Well, we certainly weren't expecting this one. Cartoon hero Gary Baseman -- yes, the mastermind behind the Cranium box -- created a stunning animated homage to his father, entitled "The Buckingham Warrior." The video short was inspired by Baseman's father, Ben Baseman, who fought the Nazis in Ukraine's birch tree forests for nearly 4 years. Rendered in Baseman's signature style, the inspiring tale is translated into a black-and-white silent film short with a very unexpected soundtrack.

The moving video is accompanied by aggressive South African rap duo Die Antwoord, known for their surreally explicit lyrics and equally controversial videos -- last year the white musicians incorporated black face into the video for "Fatty Fatty Boom Boom." Needless to say it's not the typical accompaniment for a Holocaust history tribute but, as Ninja screams "I'm a motherfucking ninja" in the background, it is definitely provocative.

The video, directed by David Charles and presented by MOCAtv, coincides with Baseman's exhibition "The Door Is Always Open" at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles. Let us know what you think of Baseman's unusual Nazi narrative in the comments and peruse other exhibitions we have our eye on in the slideshow below.

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