05/29/2013 05:26 am ET Updated May 29, 2013

'I'm Married To A ...' Features Mormon Couple With A Gay Husband And Straight Wife (VIDEO)

VH1's latest episode of "I'm Married To A ... " featured Utah Mormon couple Lolly and Josh Weed, the latter of whom revealed that, despite being married to Lolly for 10 years and having three daughters with her, he's gay.

Josh admitted that he’s never acted on his attraction to men -- and never will -- but does consider himself gay. Josh went against his impulses and married childhood friend Lolly after coming out to her when he was 16.

“When Lolly and I are being intimate, sexually, I’m not thinking about men," Josh said. "In fact, I can’t. It ruins the experience for me. After 10 years of marriage, and her being my primary sexual partner, I find her to be attractive.”

The episode also showed Josh and Lolly having dinner with a gay couple, who took exception to their unorthodox relationship, calling Josh “inauthentic” and saying he was doing more damage to the LGBT community by living in a “straight marriage,” which makes it seem like being gay is a choice.

The couple did an interview with Nightline last year, where Josh was adamant that he is not trying to “cure” or “change” gay men into being straight. He just wants to show that there are many kinds of love and commitments in the world.

"I'm Married To A ... " airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.

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