05/29/2013 08:11 pm ET

Jo Frost Shares Parenting, Divorce Advice On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

"Supernanny" Jo Frost, the star of TLC's "Family S.O.S," stopped by HuffPost Live on Tuesday to dish on her new show and share her parenting tips.

Some of her best advice? How to broach the difficult topic of divorce with your kids, and what exactly parents should tell their kids about the split.

Noting that parents need to be "sensible with the amount of information" they share with young kids, Frost recommended saying something along the lines of, "Mommy and daddy don't live together anymore, that's a decision that we made, however mommy and daddy still love you very much."

Watch the clip above for more of Frost's advice (and click here to watch the whole segment), then check out the slideshow below for co-parenting advice from our readers.

Advice For Stressed Out Co-Parents

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